Unknown Officer

Grace Magazine introduces again a new familiarity. Our guest tonight wants to stay as unknown. Our guest is an officer from the Kingdom of Heaven and because of the sensitivity of the matter we have accepted the request for anonymity.

A vigorous, straight-eyed officer with blameless uniform entered our press. His handshake was strong and his eye contact was open and friendly. From his eyes and from his whole posture one received an impression of determination and the strength of the heart. I have to be honest that my reporter's posture straightened unnoticed in the presence of this kind of an officer. We stepped to the Grace Magazine benches.

GM: What made you to approach publicity with this kind of matter? Previously army has been very strict to take care of its own business.

UO: I am not alone with this matter. There is already relatively large amount of concerned officers, non-commissioned officers and regular soldiers. We are really concerned about the current state of our army. Most of our army divisions are paralyzed and they are kind of sleeping. They have lost their contact and their vision from the eventual victory. This does not work. We have sent a letter to the headquarters and we have received personally autographed answer from the marshal Sebaot. In the letter he tells to interfere severely to this lack of discipline. We want to warn our irresponsible colleagues through this interview. We want to give them a chance to make an improvement before our commander-in-chief involve the situation.

GM: Do you have with you right now that reply letter or one could say more the day command of the marshal? If so, can you share it with our readers?

UO: Yes of course I have. I have taken it with me for this particularly purpose. It goes like this: "Behold, I will send my messenger and he will prepare road in front of me. And suddenly shall Lord enter His temple, the one you are searching for, and the angel of union, the one you long for. Behold, he is coming, says the lord Sebaot. But who shall endure the day of his arrival. And who can remain when appear? Because he is like the fire of goldsmith and just like the soap of the washer. He will sit down and melt and clean silver, he will clean the sons of Leevi (?), he will make them as clean as gold and silver and then they will bring offerings in their righteous. And I will approach them with judgment and fire as my witnesses against wizards, adultery and perjury people and those who mistreat in paying the wages widow orphan and turn around the business with strangers and who do not fear me, says lord Sebaot. And you will see again what the difference between righteous and faithless is, between the one who serves God and who does not." (Mal 3: 1-5, 18)

GM: Really powerful text. It feels like the officers who lead their forces wrongly, have completely forgotten marshal Sebaot's holiness, brightness and greatness in power.

UO: I am afraid this has really happened. Our new code of regulations, called Gratia, gives more flexible instructions than previous much strict one called Lex. This has made some one to think that marshal Sebaot is not any more so sensitive to involve in the case insult of his name's honor and holiness. A word of warning is needed. I refer here to the older writing of Hezekiel 34 and especially sections eight to ten. If some of my fellow officers still have it, they should read it very carefully. Marshal Sebaot has the power to fire disobedient officers and replace them with other. He is ready to do it, although very unwillingly. So I advise my colleagues to approach marshal Sebaot. If they do not go they can danger their entrance to the new liberated world, and even thought they could get there, they can forget huge salary with pensioner benefits.

GM: Thank you for this strong interview. You gave our readers much to think about.

With marching greetings
Juhani Pitkäkari

(translated by Erkki Salo)