Steve, ex-surfer

Hi, I am Steve from San Diego, California. I want to share my story. I am 35 years old man with a family. I have been in faith for the last 15 years and the first 8 years were pure rock'n roll! I used to practise christian surfing, you know. Oh boy, this country is a real paradise for the surfers. From here has begun great waves to all around the world and other nations have been recieveing the fascination of the surfing. All used to be so cool, but not anymore. Well... of course you ask me why it isn't anymore so cool. Well that is the thing I am going to tell you about.

First I joined an ordinary church. I was a young dude, 20, and liable for all temptations. My friends allured me to join a surfer club called Charisma. They promised nice waves for each and every day. Yeah... we used to surf in the previous place as well, but they were just mild waves compared to the new one. After a while, althought my pastor tried to turn my head around, I decided to leave my old church. He tried to say that life isn't just surfing, but mostly just ordinary working. I couldn't listen him anymore. Ordinary prayer and other meetings had become too boring. Especially bible studies, unless they handled spiritual surfing. I had became just like couple of those chicks who Paul mentions: "who are always receiving teaching, but who can never ; reach the knowing of truth" (2 Timothy 3:7)

So in the Charisma beach I joined similiar name club. It was so cool to ride with those great emotional waves as long as possbile, again and again. Never I thought "enough", but instead "more, more". It was a great time. Life was just party and sunshine, praise and other meetings were often with similiar minded people. Charsimatic surf-gurus teached us about things that other spiritual losers did not know about. We were also told that there were great waves in Toronto Vinyard-beach. So our crew packed the stuff and travelled there. It was a "must" to experience. Then we flew to Florida for new waves. This way it continued some years. The lust of surfing became so huge that there were no limits. Always more&nbs p;and more. And it became a slogan for us.

My addiciton became so difficult that I couldn't enjoy anymore ordinary or daily. The result was a burn-out. Listen pal, it was a really deep depression.I really felt I like I was drowning, "Save me God, because the waters are falling all the way to my soul. I have sinked into a deep and bottomless mud, I am in the bottom of the waters and a flod is going over me." (Psalm 69:2-3). My surfer friends were not much of a help in the situation. Yes they tried to help me, but they could not give medicine for my soul: "Many are throwing words like stabing with sword, but the language of the wise is the medicine." (Proverbs 12:18). I needed something wise to heal me, and just when I needed, my old pastor came to visit me. Now I was again ready to liste n him. He wasn't blaming me and it was felt increadible. So I ate every word, which came out from his mouth. "The words of the wise is the source of the life, to avoid the traps of the death." (Proverbs 13:14). We had a long conversation and he came again so many times until the medicine started to work. Also increadible was that he did not push me to return back to my old church. Instead I made the decision. I had to do it, you know. I tried to continue surfing, but it did not feel anymore right. They started to complain me as the killer of the spirit, just like one man could really turn off the Spirit of the God allmighty.

I am now back to my old church and life is going steady and clear way forward. Here I am not searching for selfish surfing experiences, but instead I serve others and I have found out that it gives me much more deeper and long-lasting joy than the previous one. Here we can also surf once in a while and they are great heavenly experiences. We don't have to run after them, because Lord is blowing the waves also to here.

With surfing greetings,
J. P.