Going to Gym

One day I thought It was time to go to check it out what kind of body building places there are available in the city. I did not have any previous experiences from such places. I thought that they must be full of perspiration, huzzle and great bodies. So I took my direction towards Zion Fittnes Center, the greatest and biggest gym in the city. One of my friends worked there and he promised to help my kind of novice to get more deeper into the secrets of body building. Frames for training were great and the gym was full of people with high concernation. They were all making different kind of physical exercises, some with bigger and some with smaller weights. One of my friend told that the amount of the weights or the weight of them is not crucial, but repetition. When repeating different kind of training series one could reach the desired outcome. Of course this requires a lot of trying and patience. Very inlighting information. No wonder my friend has been so long in this field and is already an expert. He knows all the secrets of body building.

We started from the front side of the gym, where there was a bunch of very representative men and women. I stayed there amaizing their handsome bodies and their determination. This group had really decided to get representative body. I recoqnised one face who had some time ago ten thousand people following his performance. What a great group of people! Just like I wanted to become. My admiring started to speed up close to ecstacy and I said to my friend with great inspiration that they were very advanced with their hoby.

His reply was astonishing. He took me back into the ground. He told that these muscled and strong-looking people were just beginners. Many of these muscular people begin with great inspiration, but soon get tired after the first joy is gone. My reaction was not unique. This was the common reaction among the beginners. Of course there are once in a while some natural tallents who reach the top level soon. Their physical appearance does not require as much training as other. Those who admire these people must be warned: "No one, who is pleased with humbleness and worshiping angels and is bragging about his visions and is expanded by his fleshly mind, and is not staying in the one, who is the head and to with whom the whole body grows with the help of the limbs to give God given grow, l shall take away your trophy of victory." (Col 2:18-19)

My guide wanted to take me forward and show me department where more advanced where making their exercises. So we continued with our tour towards the end of the gym room. My mind was still occupied with my friend's comments. I got another shock when we entered the final part of the gym, because I did not see any body-builders. Most of them where thin, almost mere bone and skin. Where are all real powermen and women? My guide told me that these were them, the top men and women. They had reached far in their exercises. They were following method learned from Paul, when he wrote long time ago a guide book where they say: "My grace is enough for you, and my power will become perfect in the weakness. Therefore I brag more about being week so that the power of Chirst shall stey upon me and live in me. Therefore I am pleased with weakness, mistreating, worries, being hunted and for dispear, for the sake of Christ: because when I am weak, then I am strong." (2 Cor. 12:9-10)

In this point I was so dazzled so I asked my friend to take me into a coffee shop. I really needed a refreshment. Here was so much new to think about. All my assumptions were so wrong, complitely upside-down. When sitting in the coffee table I promised to come again and my intension is to start practising, as soon as I can digest all what I have seen and heard.

With Body Building greetings,