In the Chlidrens' Playground

A dream, which I saw just one night, puzzled me for a long time. I can still feel it so vividly and I want to share it with you.

In the dream I saw a huge, one could say even colossial in size, playground. In the playground there were playing enourmos number of children from all age groups. All the children seemed to enjoy themselves and the sounds of joyfull conversation and shouts filled whole neighbourhood. Some of the children sang songs, which had happy and catching melody and the songs came from different side of the playground. Luckily I saw a bunch of adults, because I had my doubts of how you could control so huge amount of children without anyone. I approached one relatively young man and I told my observations and how reliefing it was to see adults taking care of the children, and to guide them, guard and shephard them. He introduced himself as Marko "happy-happy-joy-joy" Kellokas. His answer was stunning: following his words he wasn't there to shepard these different aged-children, but he was there to play himself, just like most of his collegues. Some of them were old-fashioned dogmatic type of people who wanted to restrict the fun. He invited me also to this joy and said they all have so much fun. All the children and grown-ups wanted more, so the joy just continued. I told my doubts to Marko that because this was the Royal playground and these children were from the Royal childrens' daycare center, so should they focus on more how to grow them up to become adults and mature. As I have understood, the King does not reveal his secrets to small children, but instead for the grown-up or people who are becoming adults. I told directly to Marko that they have might done one major mistake in their pedagogic line. In this phase I was not suprised by his answer. He told that his arguments were water-proof. According to his words the King is the lord of love and love is just wonderful. Because of it everything which is wonderful is from the King and which was not wonderful was not from him. From this we can recoqnise the spirit of the truth and the spirit of decieving. In! this he was absolute, and he was not willing to change his pedagogic line of teaching.

I fell in to small depression. I felt pity for these children and adult kids. How would they manage in the storms of the future and attacks against the kindom of the King. These children did not learn how to defend and they were helpless in front of the enemy. When I was concidering this I heard profound, melodious and gentle voice from behind. I turn around and I saw a man with white hear and long beard. His eyes reflected deep love and wisdom. Don't worry, he comforted me. He said that I could do a lot for this problem. I could wage efficient spiritual war against the spirits who imprison them. Many of them are aldready doing it and I could join them to fullfill King's will on this matter. All I have to do is what I can do and then King will do what he can do: "And this courage, which we have in him, that if we apply something according to his will, he will hear us. And as we know that he hear us, so what ever apply, we know that we shall have everything we have applied fr! om him." (1 John 5:14 - 15). Be firm and loyal in this one thing and so shall I see results later for sure, said the old Wisdom. THis did not sound so impossible : "Because my load is light" (Matthew 11:30).

After this dream I have obeyed the Old Wise's recommendation and the depression has changed into lasting joy more confident steps in this road of faith. All the thanks goes to the King and his Messangers: "But to him, who can do more, much more than we can apply for or understand, and according to the strenght, which is working in us, all the glory to him in the Church and in Christ through all the generations, now and forever." (Ephesians 3:20-21)

With blesses,
J. P.