Our last visit to veteran evangelist Victor Cross was so long-drawn-out, that lots of the wisdom he said was left out from our previous article (Abrahamic Faith). This part of the interview took place in the cosy living room of Crosses after the discussion at the coffee table. Souvenirs from their many trips abroad were hanging on walls or lying on shells. They gave their own nyance to Victor's interview.

GM: "Why have we never experienced deep and large scale revival in our country and continent? Is the reason perhaps the postmodern way of thinking in people's minds?

VC: " First we have to notice the fact, that lack of revival is never due to outward factors. The postmodern way of thinking means there isn't absolute truths, but everyone can build his own set of values suitable to himself. As reporter can see, an old timer like me, is following trends of the present time (same old twinkle was kindled again in Victor's both eyes, reporter's notice). This is no oblstacle either. The reason for this lack is found in ourselves, among believers. During the years, I've seen so much dishonesty even among preachers. It seems, they have forgotten these words of psalm writer: "Behold You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom." (Ps. 51:6) During his earthly walk, Jesus left us perfect example. He was known as painfully honest, uncompromising man of truth, and like that we should be also. He had given back borrowed books, indemnified for the damage, paid his loans and ! paid what belongs to the society, and what belongs to God. These may look trifles, but we musn't forget his words to his disciples: "He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in what is much." (Luke 16:10) We all can make improvements in these areas. It goes without saying, that Christ can't take dishonest people in his confidence.

The second reason crossing my mind is, that many of workers in the Kingdom of God, have keen interest in entertainment or passing time with sports, theatre, movies or television. There's nothing sinful in the sports, for example, unless we don't talk about dishonesty or greedy commercialism of top sports. As a young man, I was involved in the sports on national level and I watched different sporting events many times. When Christ came the Ruler of my heart, all this was left behind. I went in for fitness training to some extent though, and I think, I was lightly a radical those days. Passing the time with those kind of things, tells me about lukewarm love for Christ. He said that the love for him is shown, not in words only, but in deeds also."

GM: "How do you see Europe's future? Is the revival coming or not?

VC: "I see her future bright for those who know Christ. Short and intense time of revival is coming from the face of the Lord. Essential to this time of refreshment is, that it won't be personalized to any human, but One and Only Name will be in the center, and that name is Jesus Christ. Many have to make choice between charismatic celebrity, pope, Mary, their own spiritual fathers and Christ. He can't stand anykind of idols in his house. My age is 75 already, but still, I believe I will see this last time of revival, that we have so much yearned."

GM: "We give thanks to you again for this profound and reviving interview. Many of our readers receive revival from those prophetic words."

With reviving greetings
J. P.