In the Clinic of Grace

Once again I had the opportunity to meet JK, the head doctor of the Grace hospital, in the drug rehabilitation clinic. It seemed like there was enough customers, both men and women. Majority of them were men and most of them had come voluntarely into rehabilitation after realizing their own addiction. In the clinic of Grace they receive real help. "If son makes you free, you shall become really free." (John 8:36)

During many years there have been many successfull treatments. He took a paper out of his folder to show one case. The case was a male patience who was fourty years old, who had family and who was an active member of his Church. He had been able to hide his drug addiction both from his family as from his Church for several years. There are different kind of drugs in market. His addiction was caused by a drug called estrogene. Addiction wasn't all the time as intensive during the year, but it became especially bad during summer and trips to south. "Underworld cannot get enough, nor can human's eyes." (Proverbs 27:20). Of course this drug is available whole year as visual portions, through television and commercials. As a side comment he mentioned that some women are cought by similiar drug, testosteroine.

In this kind of cases the addiction starts with an experience, which feels harmless, as can be noticed from so many other patience story. According to his story he started to glance around to see opposite sex. First he did not stare, but he was always glad when he saw something attractive. His relationship with the addiction developed as usual. To get satisfaction he needed to get always stronger portions and both the ability and will to resist the lust became weaker. He started soon to use pornographic material and fashinating pages from Internet. All this lead him to spiritual regression. Mentaly he became like a teenager. Of course he could not hide this forever, so one night his wife cought him red-handed. Wise wife made him to realize his own addiction and got him just on time to treatment. Addiction to this drug leads eventually to death. "Every one is tempted by his own lust, which drags and tempts; and when the lust has become bregnant, it will give a birth to sin, and when the sin is fullfilled, it will give a birth to death." (JK 1:14,15)

The seriousness of the situation was immidiately made clear to the patients of the clinic:"If your eye tempts you, take it off and throw it away from you; because it is better for you that one of your body members is waisted than your entire body thrown into hell." (Mat. 5:29). Luckily the patient was very co-operative and for him was given the medicine designed by JK. "If we confess our sin, he is faithfull and righteous, so that he forgives our sins and cleans us from all wrongness." (1 John 1:9). Deliveration from drug addiciton for this patient has been permanent, because he has been following the guidance for treatment: "Be awake and pray that you would not go into temptation: spirit is aware but flesh is week." (Mat 26:4). Some of head doctor JK's collegues believes that this treatment is too simple and old-fashioned, but the results talks differently. In the clinic of Grace "junkies" receive best possible help: "Lord's eyes are observing all earth, so that he would help powerfully those, who have surrendered to him with entire heart." (2. Cron. 16:9 )

With healing greatings,
J.P. (Translation E.S.)