Now a dream has finally become true. Zeal for writing, blossomed out at the mature age, has found her forum where new stories will be added from time to time. They will be added also in translations to other European languages. I believe that the pleasure of writing has been transmitted to readers, because I have received a lot of positive feedback already.

Why the name Pakinapaja (pakina in Finnish means column or widely speaking story, and paja is forge)? That name came up into my mind in the first place, and that name sounds nice. The second reason is that working the stories in different phases demands lots of effort. Long before the raw material ends up between hammer and anvil. Here in the small Pakinapaja we do all by ourselves from the planning to the marketing. Quite a noice of a hammer is heard in Pakinapaja when there is time for the technical work. When the raw material is hammered to right form, it is time for grinding and polishing. Some products reaching good outcome needs boring, that is deepening.

In the photo you see the office of the Pakinapaja. That tiny little forge or workshop is located between those ears. There is a lot of empty space though. Fortunately seeds of thoughts germinate there, find eachother, and occasionally form even meaningful entities and outcomes. One learns different kind of work by doing. That is the case with the work of a verbal smith, too. The raw material contains in different proportions the Word of God, concepts understood by the people of today, and humour, of course. Working this spiritual raw material is my favourite field. One learns to use the hammer by the time. That hammer is the ability to write. During the planning stage the most important tool is the imagination. That tool is in diligent use. Diligent use of this tool arouses a thought whether vivid imagination is quite normal for a man at my age (50+). Well, it gives some bonus to the wealth of life, when you do not let it run wild and free.

So, I welcome you to visit these pages, and I my wish is that these stories enrich your lives.

Juhani Pitkäkari